Keeping up with food Trends!

By Foodism Team


Let’s be realistic, keeping things the same forever sounds boring. Hence, trends change and are always dynamic. So if you forgot to check out this year’s food trends, we are here to help you catch up!

1- Breakfasts are making a comeback!

People want to move towards a healthier lifestyle, which requires a healthy breakfast. So brace yourself and think about new innovative dishes people can have right after their coffee or tea!

2- New flavours and Fusion Food

Indians are experiencing new flavours and fusion food like never before! From combining Inidan+western to trying Korean, Japanese and Malaysian food, Indian palates are changing vividly.

3. Deeper Explorations of Indian Ferments 

Traditional wisdom and the perceived health benefits of fermentation and a rising interest in the cuisines of North East India are all fueling a deeper exploration into the rich repertoire of fermented foods in India.

4. Ghar Ki Rasoi Will Take Centre Stage

In 2021, the home kitchens have ruled dining decisions both in and out of the home. The rise of home chefs have been evident and people have fallen in love with home-cooked food!

6. Mindful Eating

Conversations around health, sustainability and, farmer welfare that brought millets into consumer focus in the recent past have sparked a similar interest and revival of all things indigenous, from ingredients to flavours.

8. North-East Cuisines 

The culinary culture of North-East India has been consistently garnering interest in the past few years, and 2021 has seen Indians exploring North-East Indian cuisine like never before.


Rest assured, many more trends like mental health eating, promotion of green juices have been noted and will continue possibly in the next year as well!