Trends 2022: Meat Makeover

By Foodism Team


Each year, Whole Foods compiles a list of well-researched food trends that they predict for the coming year. We take a look at each through of Foodismic microscope in the Indian context.

Trend: Mock Meats

Mock meats have been doing the rounds for two years now – and we love this trend because India is picking up on it too! With brands like The Blue Tribe and more coming up with their own version of vegetarian/vegan meats – it seems like a great time to be alive!

What better than to not have to compromise on your love for a big nice juicy burger without harming animals! The biggest problem many of us face is that we love our meats and we love animals and then there is conflict. But with tastes nearly as good as regular meats – these products are changing the face of the game, as we know it.

These mock meats also have excellent environmental benefits – they don’t harm the environment, they don’t harm animals – it is truly a complete win win.

Not just that, mock meats are made from plant based ingredients so they reduce the risk of meat related diseases such as salmonella infections and such – to a bare minimum. You can now eat these raw too!

From burger patties to keema and even juicy nuggets, these mock meats come in a variety that keep things interesting!