Flatter Yourself with our Diwali sweet Platter. It Has Edible sweet Flower Pots, sweet Rockets, sweet Chakaras & sweet Diyas!!! An exquisite diwali platter loaded with good wishes and mouth watering crackers delicacies.

Diwali Sweet Platter

By Sneha Venkatesh

Nov, 22nd


5 persons
Cook Time
1 hr
6 - 8


  • Maida
  • Sugar
  • Butter
  • Water
  • Jaggery
  • Dessicated coconut
  • Ghee
  • Nuts


  • Common : add maida, powdered sugar, butter & water and make a soft dough
  • Edible Sweet Diyas : using prepared dough, carve it like diya and bake it in 180°c for 10 minutes
  • Edible sweet rockets : Made thin sheets of dough and slightly tawa fried it in pan. Made a stuffing with jaggery, coconut, dry fruits and nuts. Filled it in sheets and rolled it up and deep fried it.
  • Edible flower pots : Folded the dough into traingles and deep fried it.
  • Sweet chakaras : inserted the dough in chakli/murukku mould. Greased it with butter and then inserted star chakli / murukku plate. Pressed the mould to release the dough & made a spiral and added in hot ghee.
  • And finally our diwali sweet platter is ready to burst!


The making of this platter was so challenging and took so much of time. But the end result was beyond words. This is totally an innovative dish to try for diwali!