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05 - 15 Jan 2022


Our first contest for 2022 is here – and it is a sweet one!

Jan 5 – 15, 2022

Make a minimum of 3 healthy recipes using jaggery.

To qualify for a cash prize, you have to upload same recipes on both our platforms - Facebook group - HomeChefs by FOODISM & our website.


Terms and Conditions :-

  • You can upload a video or a text recipe – but it must be non-plagiarized and exclusive.
  • You have to upload a minimum of 3 recipes on website as well as FB group, to qualify for a cash prize .
  • Images/Videos must be high quality.
  • Jaggery should feature as the hero ingredient in your recipe. (Hint : - Replace sugar with Jaggery in any recipe and there you go!)
  • Total cumulative views will be counted on the basis of website views of all the recipes + cumulative likes of all the recipes posted on the Facebook group!
  • For any help or to understand it better, contact 6359666000.