Role of AI in food waste management


February, 3rd

Food wastage is a global scourge, according to the UN, almost 17% of total food production goes to waste yearly. In India, 68,760,163 metric tonnes of household food waste is generated annually. With global hunger on the rise again, we need to retrace our steps and check where we can improve and practice food waste management efficiently.

Foodism Team

8 minutes read

Exploring the history and evolution of Indian cuisine


January, 27th

Indian cuisine is one of the world's most talked about and widespread cuisines. The culinary culture we know today is a product of thousands of years of outer influence, colonies and rulers that have resided on this land. Indian cuisine reflects more than 6000-year-old history where communities & culture lead to distinct flavours & regional cuisine. From Harrapan civilisation to the modern-day, our food journeyed a long way & changed over time. Let’s take a look at the timeline of Indian cuisine!

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10 minutes read

Republic Day Tri-colored Recipes


January, 24th

Do you have plans for this Republic day? Let us help you refine them! This year we have the best tri-colour recipes for you. Planning to have people over for a small republic day get-together? No better way of showing patriotism than by preparing one of these tri-coloured delicacies. Let’s begin!

Foodism Team

8 minutes read

5 most important food licenses for startups


January, 20th

Planning to open a food startup? Let us help you with the legal! Opening a food startup can be tricky in India. There are many mandatory licenses which you need beforehand. These licenses are for the safety of the establishment, employees, and customers and also give confidence to the customers regarding food safety and regulations.  

Foodism Team

8 minutes read

Marry Me Chicken


January, 5th

What’s blowing up the internet now? Marry Me Chicken! The name does speak for itself- it will make your partner want to marry you. A creamy-yummy and easy-to-follow chicken recipe that is a crowd pleaser, so your next dinner party menu is set. You may even have a few ingredients just lying around already, if you don’t have chicken stock- feel free to use vegetable stock!

Foodism Team

8 minutes read

5 Best New Years' Food Supersitions


December, 31st

Do you believe in superstitions? The new year is a time when several food superstitions surface and people follow them like a religion! No matter how modern we turn, we still tend to believe in the old superstitions that were laid by our ancestors. So we thought why not compile the most exciting food superstitions for you? These New Year's good luck food superstitions have been known to bring health and happiness. Choose your favourite one to follow this New Year’s Eve!

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7 minutes read

Best Korean Kimchi Rice Recipe


December, 20th

Are you a K-pop fan? What about Korean cuisine? Korean cuisine growing popular at a fast speed and making its way to all parts of the world. Its flavours of spice and tang have won many hearts till now. Today we have kimchi-bokkeum-bap or kimchi fried rice recipe for you. So if you are a Korean food lover, keep reading!

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6 minutes read

Best Homemade Christmas Plum Cake Recipe


December, 16th

With Christmas just around the corner, Plum Cakes are all the rage right now! There may be some confusion because there are many kinds of plum cakes but the idea is fairly simple- an English-style boozy fruit and nut cake. It it popular across the globe and is even eaten throughout the winter in some parts of the world.

Foodism Team

8 minutes read

Creating a Network Beyond Social Media


December, 15th

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, a community is something that every individual needs to build for themselves. Living in the golden age of social media, forming your community is easier than it was ever before. You can now network across the globe with a device that can fit your palm. The real question is how to start expanding your network. Keep reading to find out!

Foodism Team

8 minutes read

Build Your Food Portfolio with Foodism


December, 14th

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a platform exclusively for food content so you don’t have to go scroll for hours to find one recipe? Well, we heard you loud and clear. Get ready to enter the foodverse with the Foodism app! How is it different from other platforms? Keep reading to find out!

Foodism Team

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