Teas as gifts, yes please!

By Foodism Team


What a time to be alive! From blue pea tea to delicate chamomiles and fruity peaches – teas have taken over the gifting space and how! Read up!

We’ll spill the tea on tea right here – we were amazed at how teas have picked up and have almost come close to beating chocolates as gifting options for this Diwali. From nutritious blends to tasty flavours and refreshing options, teas are a must-have when it comes to gifting. 

Says Shwetal Shah, who runs a corporate gifting agency, “We have seen a rise in the number of clients asking for tea options for their corporate clients. They’ll spend generously on getting some international blends also. Some even go as far as creating their own flavours, it is a fabulous time for tea lovers!”

Set in expensive and classy wooden crates and boxes, these teas are just as exotic as the containers they come in. Arranged with ninja precision, they’re a sight to behold. As a gifting option, these go with tea accessories like steel strainers, mugs, even small kettles and they look simply precious. 

Tanha Desai handles HR for an IT firm and one of her many jobs is to decide on the gifting for Diwali. This year, she too has finalized on teak wood tea boxes for some star clients. “This trend is probably taking shape because more and more people are moving towards sustainable and healthier lifestyles. A hot cup of fruity tea has the power to calm nerves and make you feel amazing. A lot of our clients, when they come for meetings, ask for tea from our pantry selection. So this year we decided to give them just that!”