The Flavour of Food by Kheyali Vaze - Home Chef Edition!

By Foodism Team


Kheyali Vaze specializes in Bengali cuisine, but she believes in thinking outside the box!

Divided into two sections, Kheyali’s service assimilates an extensive breakfast into an assimilative platter and extends beyond the conventionality of certain Bengali cuisines.

Kheyali serves breakfast starting 7 am onwards and concludes at noon. It comprises Turkish eggs, anda bhurji, shakshuka, pancakes, waffles, and similar dishes. She explains how it’s next to impossible to be an early bird and catch breakfast in Goa, So she took the matter into her own hands! Started in September, Naashta culminated in the institution of a Friday-based Bengali-oriented meal. She has been inspired by her grandfather and is determined to break the stereotypes of Bengali cuisine!

Her cuisine is exclusively based on the state’s rural pockets, and ethnic groups, as well as the impact of an Anglo-Indian, Mughlai, and Chinese presence in Bengal on its traditional cuisine threads. She also loves to find Vegan options in Bengali Food!

She has loved food since she was a little girl. She has quite fond memories of her grandparents opening pop-up shops for Bengali food! She began putting together Bengali dishes (chicken rezala, panch mishli torkari, and murgi’r jhol, to name a few), desserts, and chutneys, and sending them to customers’ doorsteps. Apart from a phenomenal response from Goa’s Bengali community, even those who were not a fan of Bengali food got hooked!

Her day starts at 3 am when she starts to prep and package. She completed deliveries after 11 am and chills the rest of the day! We recommend visiting Kheyali’s Nuun, if you plan to go to Goa!