Top 8 viral food trend of 2021

By Foodism Team


2021 has been a crazy year and the food trends have been crazier!  Let’s check out some of these amazing trends!

1- Baked Feta Pasta

Yes, this was the recipe that made the world run out of feta cheese. Talk about a viral sensation! And we completely get it—what's not to love about a dish with feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, herby basil, and lots of pasta? Absolutely nothing!

2 - Folded Tortilla Sandwich

The folded tortilla sandwich trend is one we hope carries into 2022. I mean, what's better than a customizable sandwich with all your favorite foods loaded up inside? What made this sandwich different from any other is that all the toppings are packed in separate quarters of the tortilla and then folded together and grilled on the stove. It all just comes together at the end!

3- Pasta Chips

The pasta chips TikTok trend may be the most inventive way to eat pasta that we’ve seen in a long time. Making the rounds with hundreds of videos of people making pasta chips on TikTok and Instagram. The best part about pasta chips (aside from how delicious they are) is that they can be easily adapted to any noodles, sauces, cooking methods, or even time constraints you have. It’s a surprisingly versatile snack that can be whipped up in a matter of minutes.

4- Spicy Corn Ribs

TikTok has always been an innovator in plant-based versions of popular dishes, and the Corn Ribs trend was no exception. This TikTok viral trend is bursting with herby and buttery flavours that are ready to eat in minutes. This feels like the finger food version of absolute deliciousness, and we’re all here for it.

5- Carrot Bacon

While veganism and vegetarianism are hardly a “trend,” the influx of people joining the lifestyle is on the rise. Growing concerns about mental and physical health, not to mention the environmental impact, have prompted many people to reconsider their meat-centric diets. This recipe is for plant-based eaters and carnivores trying to eat less meat. Carrot bacon is a great way to get your veggies while also satisfying your bacon cravings. It’s quick and full of flavourful spices.

6- Frozen Honey Trend

What Is So Addictive About This Quick SweetFrozen Honey is the latest food trend on social media. What's the big deal about it and why is it so addictive? Frozen honey is somewhere between a popsicle and jelly.There are so many interesting and unique food trends that surface on the internet. People also tried mixing honey with herbs and spices to give it a twist!

7- Nature's Cereal 

This TikTok trend is somewhere between a smoothie, a slushie, infused water and a fruit salad. The recipe—believed to be originally shared by TikTok user @natures_food—calls for fruit (often berries and pomegranate arils) topped with ice and coconut water, served in a bowl just as you might cover bran flakes with milk. It's hydrating, packed with electrolytes and offers some fiber, but is lacking on the fat and protein front to be a full meal in itself. (Add a side of a couple eggs or a slice of nut-butter topped toast, and now we're talking!).

8- Dalgona candy

If 2020 was all about dalgona coffee, the first half of 2021 was about dalgona candy. People melted sugar, frothed it up with the help of baking soda, and then flattened it on a sheet to make brittle candy. They even pushed shapes like star, umbrella, and triangle at their centre and kids were challenged to carve out the shape using a needle. If the shape remained intact, they won—if not, a punishment awaited them. This game called ppopgi (toffee game on Instagram) was inspired by Netlfix’s most popular series titled Squid Game.

Now you are all caught up, see you in 2022!