Trend: Herbal teas

By Foodism Team


We love these fruity, floral concoctions that whirl and swirl in a hot cup of water releasing aromas that are better than any spa in the world. From earthy undertones to floral hues and spicy kicks, herbal teas are the flavour of 2022.

In the Indian context this is largely relatable, but only to a certain crowd. This trend won’t see a mass following, however, with tea brands waking up to the benefits of herbal teas, everyone is coming up with blends of their own. This could truly bring about a change in the way we drink our tea. 


Although, herbal tea cannot be entirely an international trend – the Chinese had these way before anybody else did. And us Indians have been adding ginger, pepper, nutmeg, mace and what not, to make out daily chai interesting!

One tea we see taking flight is the blue pea tea – made from the blue pea flowers. From blue pea pasta to breads, this one tea has taken over every other tea, making foods totally Instagramable due to their lovely deep blue hues. 

We’re also closing in on teas that come in floral fruity blends – like a peach chamomile or strawberry rose. It is interesting how far we have come – and also how far we can go to savour that one delicious cup of tea.