Trends 2022: Urban Farming

By Foodism Team


Each year, Whole Foods compiles a list of well-researched food trends that they predict for the coming year. We take a look at each through of Foodismic microscope in the Indian context.

Trend: Urban Farming

This has picked up in India and how! With hydroponics becoming the new buzzword and replacing ‘organic veggies’ super fast, we too believe that this trend helps India too!

Urban farming refers to veggies grown in concrete jungles like ours and it could mean a number of things – from vertical farming to hydroponic farming to modern greenhouses, domestic herb gardens and even collaborative farming.


The method of growing select veggies in water without exposing them to soil is hydroponics. Here, an essential nutrient required for the plant is added to the water itself.

Vertical farm

No space, no problem. In the heart of big cities, there are modern scientific farmers growing produce on vertical racks. This saves space, allows for farming to be done in smaller lands and ensures fertilizer free produce.

Collaborative farming

A large farm gets divided into smaller farmlets and is let out to people for rent. The veggies grown on this farmlet belong to the renter. A brilliant concept brought to life in Ahmedabad by Urban Kheti and The River Farm.