Indian Fusion Foods You Have to Try

When the concept of Indian fusion came to be, we were not really sure about trying it, were we? But look at us now, from masala cheese dosa to chocolate shrikhand, Indian fusion food has become the new normal! 

Like every food connoisseur, we have our own theory about why Indian fusion food works so well. It is pretty simple, many Indian dishes have nailed the taste, often the balance, but lack texture. For example, phirni brûlée doesn’t sound very appetising but it has taken Goa by the wind! Why is it such a hit? The creamy-rich texture of phirni topped with crackling burnt caramelised sugar, now our mouths are watering just by saying this out loud!

Today we want to help you embark on your own journey of tasting Indian fusion food. If you are a beginner it can be pretty daunting because of a plethora of equally delicious choices. But here are 3 Indian-fusion foods that you should start with-

Cheesy Aloo Kachoris

Are you a die-hard kachori fan? Then you will love this combination! This is not your usual kachori, the trick here is to compliment the multiple textures involved. So while in a regular kachori, the aloo masala would be chunky, here in this special recipe the texture is more smooth so it can get easily mixed with the cheese. So the mouthfeel of the kachori is a gooey smooth inside and a khasta outer covering, sounds delicious right?

Phirni Brûlée

We know this one may surprise you. But believe us when we say this combination is the best thing that will happen to your dessert preference! While we are talking about phirni today, the same principle can be applied to kheer too. The fusion technique here is to caramelize the sugar on the top of the phirni until it formed a thin crunchy golden layer. What does this contribute to the dish? A wonderful crunchy texture while you break into the dessert! Phirni can be often too homogenous in texture since it is too creamy. But the caramelised top provides a good balance to the overall texture!

Kadhai Paneer Lasagna

This dish will blow your mind! Kadhai paneer lasagna was clearly created by a genius because it is the perfect fusion dish for any dinner/lunch party. The spicy-tangy gravy of shahi paneer layered with a mixture of cheese and lasagna sheet gives this dish the perfect texture and depth of flavour. The tomato-based gravy pairs well with the cheese and the paneer cubes add the texture that is needed to maintain the balance of the dish.
For an even further twist, you can tandoor the paneer cubes and add them to the lasagna to have a smoky flavour!

There are many more fusion dishes that are great for beginners such as gol gappe shots, apple jalebi with gulab ice cream etc. The key here to creating the perfect fusion dish is to understand the textures, and flavours of the main dishes and then experiment until you get the desired result! 

Fusion food is not only booming in India but it has also made its way to foreign countries where people are loving the twist of Chilly paneer dosa, Tandoori chicken bruschetta and many more delicious eats. So this is a great time to begin your own venture with fusion foods and find out what you like!