Republic Day Tri-colored Recipes

Do you have plans for this Republic day? Let us help you refine them! This year we have the best tri-colour recipes for you. Planning to have people over for a small republic day get-together? No better way of showing patriotism than by preparing one of these tri-coloured delicacies. Let’s begin!

Tri-colour Pasta

This one is the easiest recipe! All you need is Tri-color pasta and a light seasoning sauce like butter-garlic sauce. Separate the three colours and then boil them with salt. Now prepare butter garlic sauce by shallow frying chopped garlic in butter and then adding a few lemon slices. Toss each colour in the sauce and add pepper. Serve on a round plate according to the flag colour. Your tri-colour pasta is ready!

Tri-coloured Dumplings

All you need here is dumpling dough, filling and the tri-colour food colour! Section the dough into three parts, and and add the tricolour dough to each one separately. Roll out the dough and make momo sheets. Add the filling and then seal the dumplings. Steam, pan fry or fry the dumplings and serve them with hot sauce!

Tri-coloured Idlis

For this, we recommend sooji Idlis since they will be easier to make. The trick is simple- divide the batter into 3 colours, mix the food dye in each bowl and then pour the batter into the idli stand for steaming. You can serve these idlis with coconut or peanut chutney as well. Or maybe you are more of a sambhar person!

Tri-coloured pulav

This is one of our personal favourites! Khila hua pulav is the best thing to eat in this mausam. Here you have to soak the rice before in water and food color so the grain can absorb the color. You can leave the rice soaked for 30 minutes. Use long-grained and thicker rice to get the proper colour. Then you can cook each color separately by drain method, and serve it on a round plate in tri-colour fashion!

This makes a perfect menu for a kitty party! If you want to avoid using color, use saffron and spinach juice to get the colours for your tri-coloured recipe. You can also get the recipe for idli, paneer tikka, pasta, dumplings and pulav on

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