Profiling BTW

By Foodism Team


If you like to hear inspiring stories, here is the perfect one for you!

Now a leading fast-food franchise- Bittoo Tikki Wala or BTW started with just a Redi! Hard to believe? 

The early days for its owner Mr. R.S. Yadav, from Ayodhya, were quite tough. Popularly known as Master Ji, he was a renowned tutor for poor students.

His journey starts with a cart where he sold crispy aloo tikkis. Without any business of knowledge, he just trusted his instincts and made a good name in Delhi. From there, BTW has expanded into a giant brand that everyone trusts and love!
With a catering business and over 10 restaurants across Delhi, Bittoo Tikki Wala has become the inspiration to many.

When we asked his peers, they only had good things to say about him! In their words, he is a positive person, an inspiration to all and a heartful person! To expand their reach, they have their official website, BTWIndia. Today, they are offering the widest range of FMCG products, such as cookies, Namkeen, Ready-to-Eat snacks, Gift Packs, and Sweets.

Recently, Bittoo tikki wala made it to world records by making 5 ft long aloo tikki! Most of the leading and experienced names from various backgrounds became part of this organization and brought various breakthroughs in their business. They are still looking forward to beating the competition in different parts of the country, with their huge retail presence. 

We could not help but get inspired by their story, we hope you can draw inspiration from them as well!