Best Staycation Ideas for - Pune - Ahmedabad - Chandigarh - Vadodara - Nagpur

By Foodism Team


Did you know taking a holiday can increase your productivity at work? It can also help you fight depression and lower your stress levels! Truly, we all need and deserve a break from the hustle-bustle of life at some point in our lives. It helps us to relax and reconnect with ourselves. 

Here are some exciting Staycation Ideas for you to consider before finalising your plans!

Let’s start with Pune, the queen of the Deccan. These two retreats are the best options for an enjoyable staycation in Pune!

1- The Ark Wellness Retreat 

This Boutique is your perfect destination for relaxation and romance! The luxury resort will take care of all your comforts during your stay. They have a wide range of rooms and a plethora of amenities. Forget about your physical and mental stress and enjoy their spa with aromatherapy. You can also take a beautiful stroll at the sunset by the pool or go for a midnight swim. They also have games and activities, which makes it a perfect place for kids!

2- Four Seasons Winery

Do you enjoy a good wine tasting experience? Then this is tailor-made for you! With its old-world charm, spectacular French chateau, view of Sahyadri range in the backdrop, royal decor and beautiful terrace garden, the place mostly attracts couples and wine enthusiasts. They have fun activities like Mountain biking, Walks in Vineyard, Poolside BBqare more! 

Moving on to the next location-  Ahmedabad

Rann Riders

Rann Riders is an eco-resort that was designed to revolve around the ethnic culture of Gujarat. Chic Wooden cottages with all the modern comforts and camp-style dinners around the bonfire! This is the best staycation you can plan you yourselves and your loved ones. The resort also offers fun activities like camel or horse riding. What more? You can buy all the handicrafts you want to be made by local Gujarati women!

While in Ahmedabad, Visit the Auto World Vintage Car Museum and appreciate the built and the beauty of vintage cars from all around the world!
Some of the major makes that you will encounter in this open-air museum include Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Cadillac, Packard, Lincoln, Maybach, and Lancia. Many of these wheeled treasures belonged to prominent figures of history and members of the old Indian royal families!

Here is where you can have a great staycation in Vadodara!

Kamdhenu Resort

Located in the centre of Vadodara in Navakhal village, this is one of the best resorts for your staycation in Vadodara! From luxury cottages to multi-cuisine fine-dining restaurants, they have it all! They have a wide range of activities and also organise parties and events inside the resort.
While in Vadodara you can enjoy their heritage and cultural trails or nature trails. You can also visit the Sayaji Baug park and witness nature first hand!

The next is the city of Chandigarh!

Aum Health Resort

If you are looking for an all-inclusive therapeutic staycation, Aum Health Resort is your perfect destination. From reflexotherapy, acupuncture, naturopathy to aromatherapy, this resort is made for you to relax and enjoy the beauty of Chandigarh. They also have medical professionals and therapists who can help you indulge in yoga, earth-mud therapy etc. what more? They also have a private pool so you enjoy and relax with your partner!

The last staycation destination is the city of Nagpur

The Hotel Sunrise n Resorts

Equipped with modern amenities, this resort is a museum of timeless beauty. An 18 room deluxe resort with a grand pool and multi-cuisine restaurant! What else you can do while staying here in Nagpur? 

Nagpur is overwhelmingly beautiful due to its altitude and deep valleys. The glorious waterfalls, wildlife, and calm lakes are almost a spiritual experience. You can also visit the Melghat Tiger Reserve or various ancient temples!