A traditional boondi laddoo recipe

Boondi laddoo

By Shalini Mathur

Jan, 24th


6 persons
Cook Time
30 minutes
6 - 8


  • 200 gm.Besan
  • 500 gm.sugar
  • 500 ml.water
  • 10-15 saffron flakes
  • 8 green cardamom crushed
  • 1 pinch saffron colour
  • 1 tsp Roasted musk melon seeds
  • as needed Oil to deep fry


  • Make a thick paste of besan by adding water. Put a pan on flame add water and sugar and boil it for ten to twelve minutes to make sugar syrup add crushed cardamom and saffron flake. Your syrup is ready.
  • Now put a kadai on flame add enough oil to deep fry. By using a siever or drainer make boondi with besan paste in small quantity, deep fry then take out and put into sugar syrup which you have already made.
  • You can add saffron colour in some besan paste to make it colourful Repeat the same process again and again till all besan paste finishes. Let all the boondi remained soaked in sugar syrup for ten minutes.
  • It will absorb all the syrup and also cooled down completely, now add roasted beeji, mix it well and by using your palms make round shape small size Laddoos
  • You can serve them as it is or you can store in an air tight glass jar and can have these yummy Laddoos later on.


Can be stored for longer time and for any occassion