Traditional gulab jamun recipe made with khoya. Wishing all the readers a very happy, prosperous and safe Diwali. Gulab jamun was originally prepared with milk solids known as khoya / mawa /kova which is made by condensing full fat milk.

Gulab jamun

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By Pooja Gujarathi

Jan, 20th


4 persons
Cook Time
45 minutes
8 - 10


  • Khoya
  • Sugar
  • Maida
  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • Water
  • Lime juice
  • Oil
  • Cardamon powder
  • Rose water


  • Prepare syrup for khoya gulab jamun Add sugar and water to a slightly wide pot. Boil on a medium heat till the syrup turns sticky. Do not use a cast iron pot for sugar syrup. Most times the sugar syrup turns very thick & crystallizes after cooling down since it gets cooked even after turning off. Add sugar and water
  • Check if the syrup is sticky by taking little in between the thumb and the forefinger. When you separate the fingers the syrup must be sticky. This is a stage that is attained prior to reaching a single string consistency. If the syrup reaches a single string consistency it will not be absorbed by the jamuns. If the syrup is not sticky and is thin then the jamuns may break in the syrup. So the right consistency is the syrup being sticky and must not be cooked beyond this stage.Take off the syrup from the stove and add lemon juice, cardamom powder and rose water. Set this aside.
  • Making dough & jamun Add grated mawa, maida, cardamom powder and baking powder. Do not use baking soda as a substitute to baking powder. Please ensure you measure all these ingredients correctly.Mix baking powder well with flour first, then mix all of them together.Try to bring the ingredients together to make a dough. If the mawa used is dry like mine, then you will need milk or water to bind them. I used 1 tbsp at a time and made the dough. I used about 4 tbsps milk totally, you can also use water.Do note that you will need to use milk or water only as needed to make a smooth dough.
  • You will have to knead it gently to make the dough smooth and should not be dry. Do not over knead as it may alter the texture of the jamuns.Divide the dough to 14 to 16 parts.Take each part in between your palms and rub it gently a few times. Roll it to a smooth crack free ball gently with out putting pressure on them. Do not over knead the dough.Finish making all balls and cover it until fried. It is good to fry them immediately.
  • How to make khoya gulab jamunHeat oil in a pan. Check if the oil is hot by dropping a very small piece of the dough in the hot oil. The ball has to go down and slowly rise up with bubbles. If the oil is not hot enough, a crusty layer will form over the jamuns.If the oil is too hot, mawa may get dispersed in the oil or may get browned without cooking inside.Regulate the flame to medium. Drop the balls one after the other slowly while stirring the oil in between.Continue adding and keep stirring. If needed regulate the flame between low to medium.
  • As you see the balls that were first added gets fried to golden brown. Remove them to a kitchen tissue. Keep stirring for frying the rest evenly.Remove them to a kitchen tissue and cool for 3 to 5 mins.Add them to slightly hot syrup. The syrup must be slightly hot and not very hot. When you dip your finger in the syrup it must be hot but not very hot.Gently stir them in the syrup. Soak for 30 to 45 mins. Serve gulab jamun with syrup.


Dont over heat oil.