Ghevar Is most popular sweet in india. It's usually made using ghee. It's very hardest recipe but I have came with simple and instant one.

Instant seviya ghevar

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By Pooja Gujarathi

Jan, 24th


1 person
Cook Time
45 minutes
0 - 3


  • Seviya
  • Ghee
  • Rabdi


  • Firstly add ghee to the pan then add some Seviya later stir fry them.
  • Don't go to Brown but it should be in a light brown.
  • Now take a silver foil take small round shape plate, Wrap the plate with silver foil then add hot fried Seviya and press it and make it shape.
  • Now transfer the plate to the Refrigerator now let it set for 20 mins.
  • Now remove the plate from the fridge later then separate plate now you can see ghevar is shaped well.
  • Now spread some rabdi on it add some dry fruits and also stick silver. It's ready