Sunnundalu also known as Minapa Sunni Undalu is a classic Andhra Laddu recipe. These laddus are made with roasted and powdered urad dal and jaggery or sugar as main ingredients. We call these as Maash ke Laddu at home, as these are made of maash ki dal, which is urad dal.

Sunni Undalu

By Lubna Karim

Nov, 22nd


10 persons
Cook Time
20 minutes
3 - 5


  • Whole black Urad dal
  • Jaggery {use good quality Organic Jaggery}
  • Cardamom, remove the skin
  • Rice, optional
  • melted Ghee


  • On a low flame, dry roast whole black urad dal by continuously stirring until nice aroma starts to come. Switch off the flame and transfer this urad dal to a plate.
  • Upon cooling, add this to a mixer jar along with rice and cardamom pods. If you are using any nuts, you can add them too. Grind until coarse powder.
  • Remove this into a bowl and add coarsely powdered jaggery. Combine well.
  • Now heat ghee in a kadai and slowly pour half of the ghee into the above mixture.
  • When the mixture is slightly cool to handle, then grease your hands with ghee and shape them into desired sized laddus.
  • Repeat and finish the mixture. Leave these laddus to cool. Upon reaching room temperature store them in a clean and dry airtight container.


Once you complete making sunnundalu, leave them in a plate till they reach room temperature. Carefully transfer these laddus into a clean and dry airtight container. Store in a clean and dry place.